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Education Alternatives in Akron Ohio

Currently going through a 15-year, $800-million rebuilding process, Akron Public Schools are striving for higher standards. The city's academic situation has improved recently as the schools have been moved to continuous improvement from academic watch by the Ohio Department of Education. APS currently consist of 7 high schools, 10 middle schools and 39 elementary schools. Two of these are performing arts schools: Miller South School for the Visual and Performing Arts and Firestone High School.

Akron Schools

Akron also holds 28 private schools, with grade ranges anywhere between pre-kindergarten and grade 12, and 6 of which are simply private pre-kindergarten to kindergarten schools.

Home to over 23,000 students, The University of Akron is Ohio's fourth largest public university, and is a world leader in polymer research. Graduates have moved on to become teeth whitening Toronto pros to Alaskan wildlife experts.

Also, just a short drive from Akron, Columbus is home to The Ohio State University. This world famous institution is always a national leader in both the academic and athletic departments.

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University of Akron

English is the world's universal language and if one wishes to be at the top of world business, it is essential that one be able to communicate and work in this language. English as a Second Language courses are designed to give students from all over the world the chance to learn the English language. Students are given the opportunity to spend time in an English speaking city to immerse themselves in the English language while learning all of the basics in a classroom setting. ESL is now being used by current business professionals and students alike, as it is a great stepping stone for those who wish to study or work in the Western World.

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